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What is the North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance?

The North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance (NASCA) is a strategic partnership of people and organizations who are working to promote more sustainable consumption patterns in Mexico, Canada and the United States. We share the common goal of encouraging individuals, businesses, institutions and governments to reduce their impact on the environment and society by changing how they consume materials and resources.

NASCA recognizes that sustainable consumption and sustainable production are inextricably linked. Our mission is to facilitate information exchange, communication and outreach and collaborative action around sustainable consumption. We strive to influence social and economic forces to make the case for sustainable choices more compelling.

NASCA members have met twice as a group to explore ways to work together to promote sustainable consumption in North America. In October 2001, the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell hosted NASCA’s inaugural meeting. The objective of the meeting was to bring together key people who are actively involved in promoting sustainable consumption in order to begin developing a plan for working together more collaboratively.

In June 2002, the Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention and Environment Canada hosted the second meeting of NASCA. The objective of the meeting was to formulate strategic plans to move the issue of sustainable consumption in North America forward from a macro and micro perspective, and onto the North American political agenda.

Discussions are underway to organize a third NASCA meeting.

A wide range of NGO’s, international organizations, universities, and public agencies have participated in NASCA activities, which are listed on the NASCA partners page.



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