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What is sustainable production
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Current partners

A wide range of NGO’s, international organizations, universities, and public agencies have participated in NASCA activities, including the following:

  • Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention
  • Canadian Institute for Environmental Law & Policy
  • Center for A New American Dream
  • Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources
  • Clean Production Action
  • Colectivo Ecologista Jalisco
  • Consumers Union
  • Container Recycling Institute
  • Cooperative Coffees
  • Earth Day Network
  • Environment Canada - National Office of Pollution Prevention
  • Global Action Plan for the Earth
  • Grassroots Recycling Network
  • Green Seal
  • INFORM Inc.
  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Integrative Strategies Forum
  • International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)
  • North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation
  • One Earth Initiative
  • Our Sustainable Canada
  • Product Policy Project
  • Red Ambiental Juvenil de Yucatan A.C. (RAJY)
  • Secretaria de Medio Ambiente Y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT)
  • Statistics Canada
  • Terrachoice Environmental Services Inc.
  • United Nations Environment Programme
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Universidad Anáhuac de Xalapa
  • University of Massachusetts Lowell (Program for the Practice of Sustainability)
  • University of Sonora
  • World YWCA
  • Worldwatch Institute

How to join NASCA

If you would be interested in joining the Alliance, please contact one of our coordinating partners.


SPAC Database Partners

The following partners collaborated on the North American Sustainable Consumption and Production Database, NASCA's most recent project:







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